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“Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.”
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Reblog my face pls

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Okay so telvi1 and 1225pm tagged me in a request to post 6 pictures that I felt attractive (werkin it & being awesome) in soooo uhm here they go!

Anonymous said: “I'm not mad because I was called racist. I'm mad that something as little as a description of a man's skin complexion was black is considered racism. I'm mad that apparently I can't even use the word black with out being called racist when black people are allowed to make racial statements towards white people and it's okay. I'm mad that there's a double standard that no one cares about.”

Oh ok that’s interesting.


everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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Anonymous said: “the time. Our dance moves, our jumping abilities, our coffee drinking habits, etc. Why is it okay for white people to be ridiculed withour anyone batting an eye and I get called racist because I described a character as "black"? I wasn't oppressed. You may have had hardships due to the complexion of your skin, but you weren't oppressed like your ancesters. And I hate the fact that I'm decended from such horrible people. But that still doesn't give black people the right to claim "racism"”

Our oppression has never ended. Racism isn’t as it used to be but subtle racism still counts. Don’t be mad bc you were called racist I don’t get mad every time someone calls me a nigger.

Anonymous said: “I just really don't understand why it's okay for black people to make fun of white people for stereotypical things but if a white kid did that to a black kid theyd be metaphorically gunned down for being racist ? It's getting extremely annoying now. I love double standards.”

But have you been oppressed? White anon, you’ll never understand. Check this out thought. Google Joe Feagin (spell check) he has a book called Racist America. There is a chapter on the “White Frame” read it, it’ll be interesting.

Anonymous said: “America was founded on illegal immigrants. So don't say you're against illigal immigration and call yourself a patriot because that's a contradiction and an oxymoron. Or in some cases people are just quite moronic.”

Wth are you talking about?


Let me write love letters with my lips on your body wherever you wish

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