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diaryofakanemem said: “5,6,7,9,11”

i love new friends 

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72 Degrees in the shade.
The Animated Self Portrait 
T.S Abe

😍 oh em gee



72 Degrees in the shade.

The Animated Self Portrait 

T.S Abe

😍 oh em gee

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Anonymous said: “Lol oh we can go on that date whenever you want to handsome just you let me know and it will be my pleasure to make that happen ;)”


once i made a wish at 11:11 and it came true

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Reblog And See What People Want From You!


1. A baby
2. A second chance
3. Sex
4. Kiss
5. Friendship
6. To chill
7. To cuddle
8. A long term relationship
9. A good laugh
10. An apology
11. A hug
12. Be my bitch
13. Be my sex buddy
14. Simply to be mine

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I love him way too much

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lowkey tryna go get some sushi and milk tea this weekend

Be a real man and eat your girl out without her having to ask you to.

95mike said: “mixed ppl are black”







No. They aren’t.

Nope, their not.

If a mixed person chooses to identify as black or mixed black person, cool.

But respect identities.


Wait what

There’s exceptions to many things of course, especially when it comes to genetics, but I’m thinking that if you’re half black and half white, and you look black and other people see you as black and therefore you inevitably have black experiences, than how can you not identify as black 

If someone has another opinion, I would be open to hearing it

Like is the idea that not all mixed people look black and therefore don’t necessarily have black experiences? 

or just that not all mixed people are black and white? 

You can identify with whatever you like. Mostly this develops from the way a person appears and then is treated. Some biracial ppl are treated black and some biracial ppl are treated biracial. For some biracial ppl they shape their identity based off of outward experiences. My BLOOD cousin looks like a straight up white girl. I mean she don’t have any black features. But her biological father is afro-Brazilian(black). Her mother is Russian. She identifies as biracial.

The issue I have is when you tell me a biracial person is black. But then you tell me they are better than me, bc of them not being 100% black. I’m black and it’s: ok, so what? But if my cousin claimed herself as black it would be: AW SHIT BLACK GIRLS WINNING. YAAAAAAS BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. OMG YAAAAAS NATURAL HAIR.

Try to tell me I’m lying. Try.

If we keep shit real, the mixing with African slaves was done to create division among the slaves. To dilute the slaves. It was done maliciously. So that’s why biracial is the “acceptable” or “safe black” in America. But there is a huge difference from there being mixed blood in your linage, due to your ancestry; and your parents actually being of two different races. They are not the same thing. There are white ppl with black blood in their ancestry. Ever herd the saying “if a white man shakes his family tree too hard, a nigger will fall out”? That’s not a joke. That’s true.

Its all about appearance and ideology. James Baldwin said white isn’t a color its an attitude. Same goes for being black and most mixed people are seriously confused as to what attitude they have. I can speak from personal experience that your appearance as a mixed person determines that. Im not mixed but almost every mixed person I know struggles with this race thing.

Please a black person will ask you if you’re mixed if your hair is long. WE credit beauty, long hair… Whatever idk… other “good things” to a person being mixed. Black ppl do that.

black and genetics shouldnt be used as means of comparison.

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